It might be useful and promising to experiment with technologies of valuation.

How does valuation happen now, and how does technology play a role in it?

Current technologies of valuation are in place because of different reasons. However, implementers rarely take into account the way the given technology plays a role in valuing things.

Examples of the use of technology in valuation and some trends

Money is arguably the most prominent example. Probably this is not independent of that most of us still do not really understand all its effects.

Other examples are in accountancy, trade, work management, economic metrics, environmental management.

An obvious note is that, of course, other, not strictly technological components, like language, moral values, physical factors, etc., also have critial roles.

Think about and experiment with different technologies to generate new valuation situations

Accordingly, it might be beneficial to try out technologies with explicit valuation functions in mind.

For the most part, and especially in early stages, this is concept-driven (i.e., we are looking for a particular effect to emerge). However, an uncertain but promising benefit would be discovering ‘unthought’ features due to things’ specific and idiosyncratic character.

The process of valuation technology experiments and its main challenges

Most of the time, we cannot implement large scale infrastructures for the sake of experimentation.

Instead, we can try other paths:

  • Implementation of a small-scale but very focused version
  • Scenario building
  • Simulation
  • Game development
  • The empirical analysis of similar processes
  • The empirical analysis of current technologies’ edge cases
  • Speculation
  • Incremental implementation

Current action possibilities and possible future directions

As, currently, I this all is very high level and conceptual, and I am also mostly interested in discovery activities:

  • Collecting ideas
  • Conceptual exploration of background ideas
  • Case study analysis
  • Code experimentations

In the future, I might be able to focus it down and branch out toward more serious development work.